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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DirectX Latast Offline Installer ( End-User Runtime )

About DirectX End-User Runtime :-

DirectX Runtime is one of the mandatory application for those of you who want to play games on your computer. Maybe there are some friends who feel irritated when downloading a game, then install it and try to run the game on the computer was not able to run. Then they directly dictate that the game file is damaged because it can not run.
Actually, the problem can not be executed game that can be caused by many things, including your PC does not meet the minimum quality standards of the game, then also can be caused by a corrupted file during the download process, and the last is the PC you have not installed DirectX Runtime or DirectX Runtime you requested is updated with the latest version.

Because many are asking for link download the latest DirectX Runtime Offline Installer, then on this occasion gigapurbalingga admin will distribute the latest version of the DirectX Runtime and in the form of offline installer. Actually, this application can be downloaded directly from Microsoft, but because many do not know this, so here we share the download link Offline DirectX Runtime installer which you can download for free of course.

Screenshot -

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